Labvert is a design and architecture studio based in Vienna. The team of architects and designers supporting Stephan Vary specializes in retail architecture, interior design and brand design.

The main focus of Labvert’s projects is on developing and enhancing established brands in the luxury segment and bringing their inherent qualities and values to life by translating them into a contemporary experience. New media and communication technologies are key elements for achieving this.

Labvert offers a wide range of services, covering every project step from the initial conceptual design to the final roll-out. In close cooperation with its customers, the studio develops and realizes individual and distinctive solutions. The implementation of a versatile portfolio is the result of a playful leap in dimensions between the spatial concept and the object design.

‘Seeking and finding character and bringing it to life in an object, that is the specialty of Stephan Vary and his team. They create interiors and urban designs as well as the smallest of things.’ (Michael Hausenblas, Der Standard)

Labvert Stephan Vary Web
Photo: Andreas Scheiblecker

Stephan Vary is an architect and industrial designer and studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. He sees his closeness to the arts as the central source of his inspiration. His passion is fluidly moving between the disciplines.

Vary understands that companies are looking for a competent partner to establish a holistic image for their brands and content and demonstrates this in his efforts to create a harmonious link between space and design.

He takes just as much pleasure in his work with distinguished brands as he does in exploring self-commissioned works, the unpredictable results of which stimulate all his creative processes anew.



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