Whiskey Aroma Kit


With the Aroma Kit, Labvert has developed a visual object to pres­ent the complexity of the manu­­facturing process for whiskey as an experience for the senses.

The aim is to tell the story of the exclusive mixture (‘blend’) in several chapters, each associated with an aroma nuance. For the experience, the Vienna perfumer Wolfgang Lederhaas created the exclusive fragrances ‘pear’, ‘melon’, ‘vanilla’ and ‘smoke’.

Labert Whiskey Aromakit 05
Labert Whiskey Aromakit 02
Labvert Whiskey Aroma Kit 04
Labert Whiskey Aromakit 06
Labert Whiskey Aromakit 01

Royal Salute


Royal Salute is the noble blended whiskey made by Chivas. To present this high-quality prod­uct, Labvert designed an exclusive world for the customer to experience and purchase this sublime brand.

The famous ceramic bottles, the details of which tell of the tra­di­tional ties with the British royal family, are deliberately juxta­posed with an architecture of pared-back materials and shapes. Labvert successfully created a modern inter­pretation of a brand rich in history and tradition.

To allow customers to experi­ence the exquisite aroma of the whiskey, ceramic bells were specially designed as shapely objects to capture the valuable fragrance.