Labvert Trivet round 01 C Scheiblecker

Made of natural woods from Austria, this trivet combines elegance with functionality. Designed by Labvert, the sophisticated table accessory comes in two distinct shapes. Crafted with CNC technology, the pieces are milled from both sides and in opposite directions. This way, a playfully random pattern was created through cylindrical milling, while wedge-shaped milling resulted in a strict geometrical grid. The depth of the structures allows for a special haptic experience and cast notable shadows. Both variations are available in either oak, nut- or ash wood and are produced sustainably from residual timber.

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Labvert Trivet round 02 C Scheiblecker
Labvert Trivet rectangle 01 C Scheiblecker
Labvert Trivet rectangle 03 C Scheiblecker
Labvert Trivet both 01 C Scheiblecker