Labvert Hennessy Xo Limited 04

For the new Limited Edition of Hennessy X.O by Marc Newson, Labvert created a unique concept for retail spaces and presentation. The challenge was to rethink traditional retail space and offer a new physical and emotional brand experience. Driven by the trend of technology supporting content, Labvert created a special spot - the X.O Capsule. It offers a 360° journey through an immersive video. The creative use of reflections allows people to see themselves in the space and thereby become part of it. Sharing this experience with others creates the adventure of being part of something special.

Light lines running through the space are the interpretation of the modern decanter design marked by a corrugated relief. Designed to emphasize the iconic image of the product, Labvert has developed a universe to tell the consumer more about the X.O blend and Hennessy.

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