Labvert Fragrance Tester 02

The Art of Testing

To develop an object to test per­fumes and to give form to Dior’s ‘savoir-vivre’ — this was the design challenge of this project. In order to test perfumes, they are usually sprayed on paper strips. This way, however, the scent gets on the hand too, thus the tested smells mingle and the perfumes become indistinguishable.

To meet this challenge, Labvert developed a funnel-shaped object made out of glass. Inside is a ceramic cylinder that carries the fragrance. Shielded from the glass cone, the perfume can unfold. The fragrance tester is as pre­cious as a gem and repre­sents the fine workmanship, sophistication and avantgarde approach associ­ated with all of Dior’s products.

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